In a time when fashion brands are looking to diversify, it’s hard to imagine a more important time for a designer to go with the style.

    It’s a time that is shaping up to be the best ever.

    But for fashion designer Gucci, the new trend of headshots is one that has really struck a chord with the fashion world.

    And so it all started with a selfie.

    Gucci tweeted a photo of herself with a headshot, along with a few simple caption and tag suggestions.

    “So we decided to do it, but not to make Gucci look bad.

    #fashionheadshot,” she wrote.

    “I think we got it right.

    Guccies look amazing without a head shot.

    #face,” she added.

    It was clear that Gucci was in over her head.

    It was the first time she had ever tweeted a selfie in her life.

    It went viral.

    But then Gucci’s tweet was quickly followed by a lot of negative comments, some from fashion critics and others from fans.

    Some questioned the validity of Gucci posting the photo, and some fans took to social media to attack Gucci and her company.

    On Monday, the designer issued a statement to the fashion industry, and clarified that her headshot was meant to represent her as a human being, not as a fashion accessory.

    “Gucci was never asked to post a selfie with her head shaved, nor was Gucci asked to use a selfie stick,” the statement read.

    “We were asked to share a selfie that reflects our fashion sense, our unique style and our love of Guccys unique style.”

    “Guccies head shot was not a fashion item,” Gucci continued.

    “The head shot, like all selfies, is a reflection of my body and mind.”

    And while Gucci may have gotten the message that she was not doing anything wrong, she was definitely not the first to take issue with Gucci getting the headshot.

    After all, the first selfie Gucci posted was taken on November 23, 2013, and she posted a selfie to Instagram on January 18, 2016.

    The latest issue with the selfie trend is that people are now using Gucci head shots to show off their individuality.

    The new trend is not just about Gucci.

    Celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Kendall Jenner have been taking shots of their heads to make the point that they are not the product of any one brand.

    The trend has also gained traction in the fashion community, with fashion bloggers like the British fashion blogger Sarah Brown having to delete her Instagram account and Facebook pages because of the trend.

    It’s not just fashionistas who are taking issue with what Gucci is doing.

    In an Instagram post, the fashion icon revealed that she’s been receiving criticism for wearing a headband on her head and for not wearing a hat while wearing a Gucci shirt.

    “The only reason I wear a Gucci shirt, is to show my love for Gucci,” she said.

    “And if that’s not enough for you, I’m not wearing my Gucci hat in the photo.”

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