By By Mike Stobe/Getty ImagesA fashion designer and designer-turned-fashion brand in New York City who started his career by making T-shirts for his grandmother was just 15 years old when he met his future wife.

    Born in Brooklyn, William Henry Williams was a teenager when he began designing clothing for his grandma, who had recently died.

    His grandmother was a designer, and Williams began wearing her clothes.

    Williams started working for his father, who made T-shirt designs for him and his mother, who was a tailor.

    Williams’ mother also worked at her father’s tailor, which was one of the factories that he was working in.

    When Williams began working for Williams’ father, the tailor was also working for the factory.

    Williams said that his father would tell him to look for the “wrong sort of dress,” because it could be more expensive.

    Williams said that one day he asked his father to buy his grandmother a dress and the tailor refused, saying that he would only do the dress that he wanted.

    Williams eventually became the manager of the tailor’s shop, and the next day Williams and his father went to work on the dress.

    The dress, according to Williams, was made of “the finest linen and silk and satin and velvet and lace, and it was just perfect.”

    Williams said he was thrilled with the dress because he had always wanted to be a designer.

    Williams had just started out designing shirts for his grandparents, and he said he wanted to create a clothing line that was affordable.

    But when Williams saw his grandmother’s work, he said that he knew that the clothes would be too expensive, and that he needed to design a better dress.

    He had always liked to wear clothes that had pockets and pockets.

    He said that as a teenager, he had started experimenting with making clothing that would have pockets.

    When he started designing clothes for his parents, Williams said, he started experimenting on making clothing to be less expensive.

    Williams recalled that when his parents came to the shop one day, they told him that they were “really disappointed in me because I didn’t think I could do this,” but they told Williams to “be myself.”

    Williams said he began to “look around at all the other people who were doing this, and I looked around and said, ‘You know what?

    We can do this.'”

    Williams said his parents gave him a lot of encouragement and gave him advice that he used to build his own brand.

    Williams did not know what his parents thought about his designs when he started.

    But after working with them for a while, Williams was able to “make a couple of really great clothes that people were really loving,” Williams said.

    Williams is now a designer in his mid-20s, but his grandmother is still alive and well, and she lives in New Jersey with her daughter and granddaughter.


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