Style icons Elizabeth Olsen and Karl Lagerfeld may be out of fashion but their names are synonymous with high-fashion design.

    Now the two are launching a new line of fashion items at their namesake department store in Manhattan.

    Olsen’s brand, Olsen+ , is opening its first store in the Manhattan-based boutique, called Olsen + NYC.

    Its first collaboration with the fashion house is a $40 silk jacket, which the designers say was inspired by the designers’ favorite holiday sweater.

    Olsen and Lagerfield will be featured on the label’s first-ever line of limited-edition pieces.

    The jackets are made from silk and made from a combination of wool and cotton.

    They are priced at $80 each, and the $100 version will have a pocket in the front.

    The designs will be available at Olsen+ in two styles: a black shirt with a lace collar and black trim, and a black sweater with a simple collar.

    The jacket has a zipper closure and a bow-stitched collar.

    Olsen+ has an assortment of accessories available, including leather jackets, pants, bags and shoes.

    “The world has changed so much since the ’80s, so I think the world has been in the throes of change,” said Lagerstedt, whose company is the namesake of Olsen+ NYC.

    “So to be able to bring back something that feels like it’s timeless and timeless but with something new and fun, I think it’s really a big deal.”

    Olsen’s designer label, which launched in 2010, also recently collaborated with a designer from Italy.

    The brand’s other collaboration with Lagerfolds is a silk-screened bracelet, made of three-dimensional silk.

    The company will be selling the bracelet in an assortment at its flagship store in Brooklyn.


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