Cassini fashion design designer, Cassini Fashion Group, has been named the 2015 Women’s Wear and Accessories Designer of the Year by Fashionista magazine.

    The award was presented by fashion editor and CEO of the magazine, Emma Davenport.

    Cassini is a global leader in innovative, wearable fashion.

    This year, the company has been nominated for the 2017 Global Fashion Awards.

    Cassi’s products are used in the apparel and accessories of Fortune 100 brands including Gap, Banana Republic, H&M, Dior, Prada, and Prada Max.

    Cassis new “Cordura” collection is a combination of casual and formal pieces and is available in both men’s and women’s sizes.

    Cassinus newest collection, the “Carpool” collection, is available exclusively in the U.S. The Cassini Collection is a collection of Cassini clothing in both formal and casual pieces.

    The collection was launched at the 2016 New York Fashion Week.

    Cassinis new line of accessories, the Cordura collection, will be released in 2017.

    The company has made a name for itself in the fashion industry with its line of luxury wristwatches, wristwares that include technology, and other products.

    Cassins new product line, the Cassini Brand, is a line of designer accessories.

    Cassus flagship product, the Jockey, has become an industry leader with its collection of men’s, women’s, and children’s jackets and shorts.

    The Jockey line of jackets and pants includes a wide range of colors and styles and is sold at a variety of retailers including Nordstrom, H & M, Dillard’s, Macy’s, Gap, J.

    Crew, and more.

    Cassiss brand has been in the forefront of technology in the design and manufacturing of fashion accessories.

    The Cordura Collection is an innovative fashion accessory line that will have an impact on fashion accessories and the consumer’s daily lives.

    Cassinais recent acquisitions include H& M and J. Crew.

    The brand has a number of strong brands and brands in its portfolio that are recognized worldwide for innovative products and innovative customer service.

    The following companies have received Cassini awards for their fashion and accessory offerings: Gap, H.A.G., Prada; J.crew, Banana; PradaMax, D.J. Maxx, BananaClub, Dainese, and others.


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