On Monday, fashion designer Kanga was one of the most talked about names at the 2017 New York Fashion Week.

    The fashion designer, known for her work with models like Chloe Grace Moretz, Heidi Klum and Kendall Jenner, also had the biggest fall on the runway, as she was named one of fashion’s Most Influential Fall 2017 Designer Categories by Fashion Industry magazine.

    In 2017, she was voted one of its Most Influenced Fall Designer Categories.

    Kanga’s fall came on the heels of the release of her new fashion line, which was dubbed the ‘Kanga Fall.’

    The collection of dresses and skirts included three pieces of the popular Kanga silhouette, one of which featured a cropped version of the famous kimono.

    Kangas Fall collection will be available in September, 2018.

    “It is amazing how many people have been asking me about Kanga, and the way she brings out the personality of her clothing.

    It is a wonderful thing to have an artist like Kanga who is also very much a part of my own life,” said Kristina Niehaus, who recently moved to Vancouver from Toronto, Ont., and opened her own fashion shop, Kristina’s Lingerie.”

    Kanga is an artist who brings to life the world she loves.

    It’s a pleasure to see her work reflected in the clothing she creates,” she said.”

    We are very excited to have her back, and to be a part the creative community.”

    Kanga, whose first collection of kimonos was unveiled in September 2017, has been praised for her signature style, as well as her collaboration with the likes of Heidi Klung and Kendall.

    Kangei was one to keep her distance from the spotlight during the New York fashion week.

    The fashion designer opted to remain at home with her two young children, but posted an Instagram picture of her daughter wearing the ‘Sugar Daddy’ kimonodramas that were unveiled by Kanga last year.

    She said she is still trying to figure out where her focus should be.

    “The main thing is to stay in the moment and not let the world know what I’m doing.

    I am in the middle of this world, so what is it that I am thinking?

    It is what I am going to be doing next,” she told CBC News.”

    What’s important to me is to be myself, to have fun and to not be too serious about anything.”

    Kanga has been known to take on fashion design with her own unique take on styles.

    The designer often uses her fashion to highlight the human side of fashion.

    In 2017, the fashion designer used the brand’s signature line, ‘The Kanga Fall,’ as a visual statement for the season.

    Kagas Fall 2017 collection is expected to be available to pre-order starting September 5.


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