Fashion designer Shana Yaron has been found dead at her home in Tel Aviv, police said Friday.

    Yaron, 38, was discovered with a gunshot wound to her head and pronounced dead at the scene.

    Yitzhak Shaul, the police spokesman, said the body was found near a fence.

    A preliminary autopsy showed that Yaron had been shot in the head and body, he said.

    Police are investigating whether the shooting was random or if she was targeted, the Hebrew-language Ynet news site reported.

    Shaul said that Yarkon had been working in Telford, a large commercial center in the city.

    Yarkona’s death was the third major fashion designer death in Israel in the last year, according to media reports.

    In July, fashion designer Nadia Eberstadt died of her injuries at her family home in Kiryat Arba.

    A month later, fashion and beauty designer Yair Turgeman was found dead in his apartment in Tel Hashomer.


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