Nigerian fashion designers are getting creative with their creations.

    They’re designing garments that look good on the outside, but can also be stylish and functional on the inside.

    They’ve become so popular in the country, some brands even set up stores in Nigeria to cater to their needs.

    Here are some of the trends to look out for.


    Dresses with a floral pattern A popular trend in the city of Abuja is to wear a floral motif on the front of a dress.

    In this case, it’s a simple flower print on a dark, sleeveless blouse.


    A simple, bright and colorful dress With bright colors and a floral print, this bright and cheerful dress is sure to be a hit at a party.


    A colorful dress that’s perfect for spring In the city’s commercial district, the color palette of this bright yellow dress is perfect for the spring.


    A trendy dress with a dramatic silhouette A bright and elegant look is perfect in the fall and winter.


    A sexy, sexy dress in an elegant and sophisticated manner This glamorous dress has been popularized by the designers at D&B, which offers sophisticated styles that can make you stand out in a crowd.


    A sophisticated, elegant and feminine dress that features a unique floral design This dress features a stunning floral print on the bodice and a lace pattern that creates a stunning contrast with the dark and dark-blue pants.


    A versatile, sophisticated and feminine outfit with a striking floral pattern This chic outfit features a classic floral print and a subtle floral design that accentuates the bodysuit.


    A modern, chic and sophisticated dress with contrasting patterns A modern and chic dress is a standout when it comes to fashion trends.


    A stylish, feminine dress with the perfect floral print This trendy and feminine style features a floral design on the back of the dress and a simple floral print.


    A cute, playful and fun dress This cute, fun and playful dress is great for an afternoon stroll.


    A playful, fun, playful dress for a weekend outing A cute and playful fashion design is perfect when you’re on the go.


    A fun, fun look with a bright floral print A fun and fun look is a classic and classic look.


    A chic and casual look with simple floral design A chic look is an easy and fashionable look that can be worn with jeans, a blouse or a t-shirt.


    A casual and stylish dress that has a floral effect The simple floral pattern on this elegant, stylish dress has made it popular with a wide range of customers.


    A classic and modern look with an elegant floral print The classic and contemporary look is made popular with women in their 20s and 30s.


    A bold, vibrant and trendy floral print that creates an elegant statement dress This bright and vibrant floral print is perfect to wear with a tuxedo or formal dress.


    A beautiful and sophisticated floral print for a formal event A chic, bold and modern floral print has been a staple for fashion designers in Abuja.


    A classy, sophisticated floral dress for an event with a bold floral print in a bold and contemporary style This elegant and modern dress has a bold flower print in the bodices.


    A elegant, sophisticated, stylish floral print designed for an occasion with a colorful print in bold and sophisticated style A chic floral print with a vibrant color pattern has become popular for an evening event.


    A contemporary and sophisticated flower print for an elegant occasion A contemporary floral print will give your look a modern and sophisticated touch.


    A vintage floral print inspired by a classic look with colorful prints and simple floral prints in bold, sophisticated fashion A vintage flower print has become a trend among men in their 30s and 40s.